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When I write the word "Saturday" in english, I always think of the song "Come saturday morning", a song that I sort of grew up with:

Come Saturday morning
I'm goin' away with my friend
We'll Saturday-spend till the end of the day
Just I and my friend
We'll travel for miles in our Saturday smiles
And then we'll move on
But we will remember long after Saturday's gone
You know what the trouble is?
Trouble is that probably all the good things in life
Take place in no more than a minute
I mean all I did, I, I bet you
At the end of seventy years should you lose someone
You can sit down, you can figure the whole thing out
You spent nineteen years sleepin'
You spent five years goin' to the bathroom
You spent thirty-five years doin'
Some kinda work you absolutely hated
Spent seven thousand eight hundred and
Fifty-three minutes blinkin' your eyes
And added to that, you got that one minute of good things
Then one day you wonder whether you're minute's up
And then we'll move on
But we will remember long after Saturday's gone

It was on the first record I bought on my own, this one:

OMG I get so nostalgic by just looking at the cover!!!!

I also loved John Denver. I loved his songs, his lyrics, his relaxed style, his love to the nature. I still love it actually :)

Who doesn´t love this!!??

I´m off to my friend Ulrikas´ birthday party tonight, but I´m gonna take the doggies out for another walk first. They get a LOT OF walks, those little lovebugs!

exciting things happen in the bath tub!

According to these two individuals, at least!

Bye for now :)


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Näst sista dagen av år 2017

Ingen kontinuitet på mitt bloggande överhuvudtaget.

Tappar ömsom intresset, ömsom glömmer jag att bloggen ens finns.

Vad har hänt sen senast? Massor.

Har gått en kurs i operaregi med Kasper Holten som handledare. Om du inte vet vem han är, kan du kolla HÄR.

Off the record kan jag tillägga att det var lite som att ha en operavärldens Gordon Ramsey i rummet. Lite Duracell-kanin-varning, kombinerat med (såklart) ett väldigt stort kunnande, en enorm erfarenhet av opera och en jäkla svada.

Men kul!

Jag fick ställa en del av mina tankar på sin spets och lärde mig att våga dra saker till sin extrem (heter det så på svenska?) och att hela tiden fråga mig själv vad det är jag vill berätta.

Lustigt nog (orkar inte berätta hela historien) fick detta till slut mig att tänka att jag inte vill regissera. Hjälpa sångelever med exempelvis auditionträning och interpretation, absolut, men regissera, nej.

Fick en oväntat och plötsligt återfall in i sångerskerollen igen, och planerar nu att ta över värld…


Ho-ho-ho! Big news coming up!
I am, from this very moment, gonna blog in English!
I´ve been thinking about this for quite a long time, but haven´t really found the inspiration.
Until today.
So, for those of you out there who have been longing to understand what I´m writing, your time has come :)
Short presentation:
I am Gunilla, operasinger, dog-and cat-person-and-owner, gym rat, yogini, and
I´ve also started directing opera the last year.

I don´t eat my best friends = no meat.

I am also the mother of two lovely human beings, Elin and Jacob.
They are not kids anymore (at least they don´t think they are, but I know better, hehe)

Elin has her own blog .

Last week has been shitty and awful, but I´m gonna look forward and not become manic about it.
Try to accept lifes´ little changes and surprises and blablabla...well, maybe I will write more about it another day.

I had the day off today (when I´m not singing or directing or spending time with the four-legged family members, I work in a g…

Zombie Friday

Headache, runny nose and feeling like a zombie.
The last week hasn´t been too much fun, not only because of zombie mood.

Nice thing though:

I´ve been jogging with the dogs this week, which is kind of my own therapy against depression.
Knee feels (almost) fine, and I feel soooo much better after doing it.

Best therapy in the world, dogs and physical movement 💗💗

Right now, I´m relaxing in the sofa, listening to french pop music from the 1960s´.

Have a lovely friday!